How To Study Effectively || Study Tips || Topper’s Strategy.

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How To Study Effectively || Study Tips || Topper’s Strategy.

Hi, if you are a student and want to be more and more good in studies then this post is for you, before we start plz note it down that this site uploads informative and useful content that is unique and focuses on your learning outcomes, So stay connected with us for more and more informative content…

Ok, I was sharing my personal experience, as I am preparing for a competitive exam with a bit of struggle. Being an average student, I was concerned about my studies, but following some of the study, tips helped me to go ahead and achieve things. What made a difference? People say, and even I believe that gaining experience is more important and it doesn’t matter how much you have scored, the bitter truth of life is vice versa.

In the beginning, I planned and failed, and I am not ashamed to tell that I failed. It happens even if you plan it well. You have to struggle with your sleep, your office desk, and giving time to family (Yes! everything is important) What matters? Your aim and targets for sure.

• So, starting with writing my aim every day in my diary with my big signature. (This helps me to remember why I started).

• Does place matter? It is not, and I can study in the metro or auto. I don’t care what others will think. (I still remember my mom says, Padhne wale kahin bhi padh lete hai)

• I have guided students and still guiding them about the study stress. So, why can’t we enjoy what we have chosen. You should welcome the course you have chosen for yourself.

• Making hand notes and revising them daily. I don’t know about others, but what matters is what you study you should write.

• I don’t believe in group studies; people have different perspectives, and studying together disturbs me. I can study for long hours when I study alone.

• It doesn’t matter when you study, whether at night or in the morning. But make sure that if you are studying for 3 hours, it counts. I have seen people studying 8 hours long, but that wasn’t worth it.

• Rest is important, and you don’t have to study regularly. Give rest to your body and your mind.

• Day targets, make a target for a day. And for this, you have to trust yourself. Complete them anyhow. Start with little things. What do I do? I make plans for the day and even for the next day. I try to complete a minor portion of the next day’s target.

• I made a rule to study one practical subject and one theoretical. And it helped me to stay focused (One interesting and another one could be less interesting)

• Give rest to your mobile phones when you study.

• You are keeping yourself hydrated while studying and middle snacks for some energy.

• Learn by walking; just try to walk and learn when you are learning something. This is a must for your body if you are studying for long hours.

• Sharing is Caring, I understand, but I am not ashamed to say that not every time; that makes you different. You have plans, and you are trying hard to make your notes; try to say no when people ask for your handwritten notes. But never hesitate to share your knowledge.

• Give importance to minor topics as well. Never ignore them.

• Practice makes a man perfect, of course. Practice as much as you can.

• Take out time lastly for revising what you have studied in a day. Just a quick revision with your notes would be enough.

Trust me, it is a game of time management and focuses. Just think about your future, and you will be motivated to study. Stop watching those motivational videos and reading quotes… Not every quote will work on you, and maybe you are dealing with some other situation. Trust your abilities. Everything is within you! Just think about what you want, and are you working honestly for it.

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