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Different types of WhatsApp mods – which one to choose?

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In this modern era, who does not use WhatsApp? WhatsApp impacted our smart devices so immensely that it even replaced the text messaging app. You can chat on WhatsApp and share photos, videos, links, and documents on it.

Moreover, the option of voice notes made this app more useful. It made chatting convenient for those who have trouble typing messages. Whenever an app becomes famous and trendy different tech companies try to compete. That is why many variants of WhatsApp have been launched to date.

Here is the list of the four best-modded apps of WhatsApp.

1- GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp is the most popular Mod of WhatsApp. This is because it provides additional features to the users. In addition, it uses the same server, so it is considered secure as well.

2- Fouad WhatsApp

Fouad Mokdad designed this incredibly modified version of WhatsApp. Besides WhatsApp features, you have access to different privacy options, themes, and features that you can customize easily. Furthermore, it has additional options for group admins. Surprisingly you can create a Broadcast message on this app for more than 600 people.

3- Yo WhatsApp

To enhance your chatting experience, YoWhatsApp is the best choice. You can create multiple accounts on the same smartphone. In addition, you can disable voice calls, create broadcasts for more than 600 people, switch to hundreds of languages, and take advantage of additional features as a group admin.

4- OG WhatsApp

If you are looking for a mod app that allows you to put passwords on chats, you should install OGWhatsApp on your mobile phone because it has this feature. Schedule messages, share HD quality photos, save statuses uploaded by your contacts and do much more with this mod OGWhatsApp.

We recommend you to download GBWhatsapp. Here is why!

GB WhatsApp VS Normal WhatsApp

As we mentioned before, GB WhatsApp Pro MOD is a well-recognized and favorite app. However, it has competitive features against WhatsApp. So people always remain confused about which one is better. No doubt, GB WhatsApp comes up with additional features.

So while comparing it with WhatsApp, let’s look at its features.One of the most prominent aspects of GBWhatsApp is that it has features that simple WhatsApp does not provide. It is the biggest reason people prefer this mod app instead of the original WhatsApp.


GB WhatsApp uses the WhatsApp code but is exclusive of the authorized license, making this app less secure. Furthermore, there is no proof of whether the app is free from viruses and malware or not. Therefore, there are more chances of hacking on this app. In addition, if the source code is broken, your media files, documents, and conversations may be exposed.


You cannot install GB WhatsApp from Play Store. To make any app available on Play Store, the developers have to meet privacy and security standards. So, there is a chance that GB WhatsApp is not secure enough to get approval from Play Store.

You can take it from its official website in the form of an APK file. To install it, you have to enable the option of installation from unknown resources in the phone setting.On the other hand, WhatsApp can be installed directly from the Play Store, which meets certain security standards.

Additional Features:

Besides improved privacy options, GB WhatsApp has the following features for the users:This mod app enables you to create a group name of more than 35 characters.Unlike WhatsApp, which allows you to use status with only 139 characters, Status Feature can use with more than 225 characters in GB WhatsApp.You can hide last viewed read receipts and messages delivered. You can also hide last seen for selective contacts.

GB WhatsApp allows you to distinguish between bulk messages and normal texts.Set up to three chats at the same time.You can high resolution images and all types of files, including APKs, to your contacts.On original WhatsApp, the broadcast can be sent to 250 people only, while on GB WhatsApp, one can send a broadcast to more than 600 people at a time.


Undoubtedly, GB WhatsApp appears more attractive to ordinary Smartphone users because of its implausible marvelous features. But when it comes to security, there is a flaw. WhatsApp wins the battle as it is safer to use. There are low chances of hacking and viruses on WhatsApp. So aren’t you mystified about which one to prefer?

Well, here is a tip from my side. It would be best if you used original WhatsApp instead of GB WhatsApp. Your media and other files will be more secure this way. And it is compulsory not to share any official details on the modded version of WhatsApp.

If you want to access additional features, no other modified app will be better than GB WhatsApp. We have discussed almost all the prominent aspects of both apps. You can have one according to your obligation and inclination. The choice is yours!

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