Launch an Android Application in the App Store

How to Launch an Android Application in the App Store in 2022

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Today, the environment needs more designers who are excited about making a meaningful difference in their communities. Launching an application is not a simple task; it requires 24-hour commitment and the spilling of blood, sweat, and tears to contribute value to society. Android app development services are a real boon to the tech community. This post will explore how to launch an android application in the app store in 2021.

Let’s get to it!

1: Your App Must Solve the Current Problem

One of the most critical aspects of introducing an application is addressing business challenges. You can certainly create a fantastic app, but it will undoubtedly crash if it does not solve any problems. Let’s look at some software that benefits consumers by addressing their needs and fixing their problems.

  • Headspace: Asset you in building meditation practice
  • Snapchat: People can share live moments with a fun full of exciting stickers and features
  • Facebook: connect you with close one without any national border

The essential services you can provide are the solutions to all challenges, not the application itself. If the app eliminates the stones from the route, it is functional. You cannot duplicate someone else’s dilemma and mark it with your brand name. It would be best if you differentiate yourself from the competition. Any application is mindful of consumer needs and industry demand. Before you begin moving, it is a brilliant idea to have a roadmap in place.

Stat with a prototype and test it out. If it goes successfully, then you should start the actual app development process. It will save you from future hurdles. Remember, the app isn’t a product but a solution itself. It’s good to have an eye on the most prominent firms such as Facebook, but to compete with them isn’t a piece of cake. Always start with a small plan. Little things really matter, especially when it’s come to developing a mobile application.

How can you Help People with Your App?

Help people achieve their goals faster and in a most convenient way by developing goal-setting applications. You might help them fall asleep quicker or on time with the development of a sleep mediation application. Apart from this, you can help people stay healthy and fit by making health care applications.

Brainstorming for Getting App Ideas:

  • Think about any five bad app development ideas
  • Now think about five more hilarious app
  • Keeping thinking about some more ideas

Here the problem isn’t something that you don’t have a great idea, but we have so many bad ideas. Isn’t it? Well, by continuously brainstorming about bad thoughts, you will eventually come up with a good idea. You can check other’s application reviews that are similar to yours. By analyzing people’s comments, you will get an idea of what problem they face with the existing application. Now an idea will pop up in your mind that what you can do in this scenario. Make sense? Get into the second step.

2: Have a Look What is On-Demand by Market Research

Market Research is necessary before launching your product or application in the app store. Many businesses just pick an idea and start developing an Application. However, if you miss the market research phase, you will make a big mistake. A picture may look great, but it will look dangerous if people don’t want to install your app.

A Startup Mantra “build it and they will come” isn’t a real game. You will have to be sure what you are going to publish on the app store.

Do you Know Who you are, Rivals?

Researching about the competitors is a crucial part of market research. It is clever and at the same time the most straightforward technique to know what the strength and weaknesses of your competitors. Basically, you do a SWOT analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threads). Everyone wants the best application. Your small mistakes can make your competitors win the market.

How do you know about your Competitors?

  • Go to an application on the app store that your rivals are providing, check their landing pages. See if they are providing any content or not. If they are not delivering, then you can make your space and start doing this. If they are already providing content on landing pages, then think, what you can do to offer more to the customers.
  • Check the reviews of competitors’ applications. See what people are complaining about, take that weak point and make it to your strength.

Competitors’ research, along with your market demands, leads you on the right track.

3: Missing Marketing Channels

Most people think about App Store Optimization, and they don’t focus on marketing channels. You get a new opportunity with different marketing channels. Let’s check; what are some excellent marketing channels?

  • Social Media Marketing includes articles and blogs about different topics such as technology, healthcare, fashion, sports, and more.
  • Communities: You can take the example of different Facebook groups that target a specific group of people
  • Email Marketing: You may share resources like discount coupons, sales, and offers with your customer via email. It helps in engaging customers about your brand.

A marketing channel that your customer is not using is the benefit for your business. Whenever you plan to launch an app, you target a particular group but different market strategies. If you get successful in attracting the customers, make sure they will not switch. Getting an audience might seem easy but maintain the same level is quite challenging.

4: Publish a Landing Page for your application:

Why you need an application when you can get the market data with an app landing page? Well, you can use a landing page to show your brand’s features, and at the same time, you can promote your application.

5: Create Mockups for Application:

Once you are done with the landing page, the next step is to finally develop your application on the App store. It has three steps including:

  1. Creating an App’s Mockup
  2. Designing of Application
  3. Building applications with Swift and XCode etc.

A mockup looks like a pretty rough layout, having no colors and details. Start writing about your app’s functions. It would help if you created a mockup for every UI element. When you are finished with this, add a note so that the mockup can explain itself to the audience.

6: Graphics Designing for your Application

When you are finally done with the mockups, now it’s time to add some magic into your application. Yes, the unique designs and graphics put a soul into your application. There is a bit of difference between mockup and designing. In the mockup, you provide rough sketches in contrast to graphics design to present your application’s final look.

Repeat with me, “I will not launch my application without a graphics design,” As great applications stand out from millions of other apps in the App Store.

7: Finally, Time to Launch Your Application in the App Store

Oh Yes, finally it’s time to launch your app. after going through all the development processes, including ideating, marketing research, mockups, analyzing, designing, we are finally ready to publish our application. To launch your application, make sure certain things:

  • Check if there is any bug in your app
  • Make sure your application follows the App Store Guidelines
  • Upload your app with XCode

Continually Market Your Application:

Above, we have discussed about the market research and competitive advantage. When you have finally published your application, use that technique to improve and maintain its ranking. App marketing has a long way to go. It simply promotes your application and reaches potential customers.

So, there you Have it!

So far, we have shared seven steps to ready your app to launch. Start with solving a problem, a little bit of research, setting up an app landing page, creating mockup, unique design or graphics, and launching to marketing.

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