How to Promote Your Small Business Products Using Pinterest

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Pinterest has gained a lot of popularity in recent years due to it’s unique showcase style and user-interface. Pinterest is all about showing images of your business. It differs from other social media sites and has its own set of rules for marketing.

If you are looking to promote your brand,business or products on Pinterest, the first thing you must do is to develop an effective marketing plan. You need to do a lot of research about the platform and how things work on it. It is not like any other platform and promoting business on Pinterest needs assistance.

Wondering how to promote your small business on Pinterest? We are here to share some useful tips with you. In this blog we have covered useful ideas that will help you to strengthen your brand image with Pinterest.

#1. Share your Stuff

The first and the foremost requirement of any social media platform is to show what you have. To do so, pin your products and share them with your connections. Pinterest allows you to create different boards and with this feature you can have a privilege of grouping your products into different categories.

You can create distinguished boards based on the items like gifts, baby products, dresses etc. Pinterest enables you to create a catalog of your products, pin it and share it with other users.

#2. User Engagement

The number of Pinterest users are growing rapidly so you can build a strong social network. Take your time to interact with other users, share their pins and comment on their boards. If any user has repinned your products thank them.

Follow other users. This will increase awareness about your business and you will gain more followers in return. You can also engage in giving feedbacks to other users and ask them for the same. Share your catalog with them. Customer interaction will help you build strong relationship on this social network and you can promote your business directly to them.

#3. Create Backlinks

Pinterest gives you an opportunity to drive more traffic to your website. When you pin your products, you can play smart and fetch desirable results by providing backlinks to your website.

Along with creating quality backlinks, you can also use target keywords in the description of your products. This way you can attract more organic customer and increase your site’s reach.

Share your pins on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. By doing so you can get more clicks on your products and drive big traffic to your website. This pinning and repinning will help you a lot gaining more followers and improve your site’s ranking in search engines. For backlinks creation, you can opt for a suitable SEO services.

#4. Share exclusive Content

People these days are expecting something new, something unique from every business. And once you serve them what they are looking for, your business will be a big hit. By sharing unique and exclusive content on your board, you can get more visitors on your website.

Engage in helding contests, giveaways and other user-interactive activities. This will encourage users to re-pin your items and your products will reach to a wider audience. Offer discounts, coupons or free gifts to your users and promote your business.

#5. Add Value to Your Products

If you are an account designed primarily for marketing, chances are that users will run away from your profile. Because they know you are just there promote your products or services and nothing else.

So how to promote? A simple solution to this is add value to your products by linking them with other complementing products. What you can do is, pin to such products that will benefit users and complement your products.

For example, you have a business of bridal outfits, so you can link your board to other boards having accessories or footwear. This will increase visits on your board and promote your business.

#6. Add Gifts

Adding your products to gifts will encourage more customers to buy it. Pinterest allows you to create an entry for your pin and add a price tag to it. By doing this, you can add your website’s link and invite more and more visitors to your website.

This will create a virtual catalog of all your added items and include them in the category “gifts”. Put the best of your photos while pinning and add a catchy and search friendly descriptions to them.

The Takeaway

Pinterest is a perfect social media platform to show your brand and products to the customers. It is unique and different and has the power of images. With over 200 million users, Pinterest allows your business to reach to a wider audience. If you are all set with a Pinterest account, the above tips will help you promote your small business on Pinterest. Stop waiting and start Pinning right away.

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