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How to clean mirror without streaks | Mirror cleaning tips

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One thing you should know about mirrors is that it is really important that you use the right materials. Windex has always performed well for me; it has no toxic additives that can weaken the coating on the material back and the sides of the mirror. It does a fine job on glass and mirrors.

You won’t have to struggle as hard without all the streaks. It is also such a perfect commodity for many other surfaces in your home. Below are some tips on how to clean mirror without streaks.

Keep away from chlorine and vinegar

The reason these two shouldn’t be used is that they are acids and because they can make your mirror go down. The edges are the most fragile out of the entire mirror. The first place mirrors get to be poor on the edges.

The best way to do glass or mirrors cleaning services is towels with free lint or free fabric, which can save you time and hard effort. Don’t spray the mirror, just spray the fabric. This helps to keep the mirror’s sides and the back of the mirror dry.

The worst enemy for the mirror is moisture. Humidity can cause your mirror to go bad, as humidity breaks down the back of a mirror.

Many vanity mirrors are mounted directly on the back of the wall. The concern is that water can be sprinkled on the mirror and the water has a chance to get behind the mirror.

Take a poly stitch or silicone caulk and apply a small bead to fill the gap around the mirror and back. Use focus and don’t tool the tartar too hard or push the tartar to the back of the mirror. The back of a mirror may be affected by certain caulks.

We had a poor encounter with latex caulk scraping mirrors from the rear. We never had issues with poly seam seals or specific silicone forms, but you cannot lose it carefully.

With the assistance that they apply to their mirrors, mirror makers have various qualities. Few businesses are using defensive glazing on the back of their mirrors, and others are providing their assistance twice.


The sides of the mirror must be adequately screened, independent of the backrest. The double support or the glazed covering that some vendors add to their mirrors is certainly a mirror with only one backrest. These mirrors don’t cost a square foot any more.

Normally, a company will have some sort of literature explaining the consistency and the materials of its mirrors. Until you settle for a mirror job with a corporation, do some homework on the company to make sure you get what you are having, like consistency. Some people understand the difficult way by not studying and paying for mirror work twice. It would cost you more to replace a mirror job.

Check always to see if this is done. Mirror sealant can help prevent moisture from turning black prematurely on the sides of the mirror.

An exhaust fan in your bathroom is a smart way to make your mirrors last longer. It is a smart thing to turn on a ceiling exhaust fan while you have a shower or a bath. This keeps the moisture in the bathroom down.

When you give the glass surfaces a wipe, you feel extra accomplished. But when you look back a few minutes later, the surfaces is marred with strings, rather than look smooth and clean. It’s a frequent annoying problem—and one that can easily be avoided if you know how to clean glass toilets, windows and mirrors. ⠀ Read on to find the right methods and strategies to touch up your glass surfaces.


Using a squeegee to dry the glass after every shower to prevent soap scum from piling up at the shower window. A few quick swipes will save you a lot of long-term cleaning time. The use of lemon furniture oil on the glass will also avoid build-up. Rub the oil onto it with a soft cloth, let it settle down for several minutes, and polish with a clean chop or cloth any excess.

Wet the mirror surface. Dampen it in the bucket containing your washing solution by using the other two clean cotton rags.If you drown your mirror in a solvent, then it will not be enough to drip your microfiber fabric.

Microfiber cloth

Take your microfiber cloth and fold it in half vertical and horizontal. So you can choose the reverse side when one side of your microfiber fabric is dusty. You should open it and use one of the clean inner pieces of your fabric, as that side gets filthy.

Any smooth, lint-free fabric may be used. Some people use mirror and glass bar towels.

Clean the top and bottom of the mirror

Pay careful attention to the mirror’s holes, crevices or contours; these are areas of dirt and grime and warn of escape. You also avoid the emergence of drop marks by sweeping from top to bottom.

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