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How to Turn a Good CV into a Great CV?

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Your professional experiences and skills are well illustrated and your background as well as your goals are well presented on a document! It means that you have a good CV. But do you want to make it exceptional? The simple fact of changing a few elements, formulating certain sentences differently or taking care of the form of your CV can make all the difference and propel your application to the top of the pile! Here are some tips to write a Good Curriculum Vitae.

Use Action Verbs to Enhance the Impact of your CV

Whether you make a cv online or with a word processing software, you will always have to use your own words to highlight your assets and competences. When describing your work experiences and skills, use infinitive action verbs to build momentum and energize your resume.

Here are some good examples: analyze, develop, structure, manage, save, solve and improve. Conversely, avoid generic terms that appear in all resumes such as “dynamic”, “serious”, or even “motivated”. The aim is to stand out from the other applicants.

Think about the Keywords

Have you heard about SEO? It is not just a lever used in digital marketing. It is also important in your CV! Recruiters are getting more and more applications, and so they do not have to open and view hundreds of resumes a week, they let a robot pre-sort those applications.

This robot is called ATS (Applicant Tracking System), and allows CVs to be filtered according to several criteria, including keywords. For instance, if a recruiter is looking for a salesperson, he can configure his ATS to keep only the applications in which appear certain terms inherent to the salesperson’s job: negotiation, negotiation, client portfolio, results, etc.

That said, you want your resume to slip through the cracks and get into the hands of the recruiter. To achieve that goal, use the keywords that seem essential to you in the job description, and make sure to include them in your application (both CV and cover letter).

Avoid Pictograms on your Curriculum Vitae

It is not advisable to use pictograms and other graphics to illustrate your skills. Unless you really want to, these might interfere with proper reading of ATS. In fact, not all of this kind of robot software can decipher visual elements. The same goes for convoluted fonts and garish colors. So, when in doubt, avoid using decorative elements! Moreover, it is better to send a sober document.

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