Mistakes people usually make when moving

Do not make 5 mistakes people usually make when moving in Dubai

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When house moving, in a hurry to see such process completed, we always run the risk of falling into certain errors that, instead of speeding up, only hinder the start of this new stage in our lives.

Here are the 5 mistakes people usually make when moving:

Mistake no. 1: Wanting to do everything in one day

The change must be made in stages, taking advantage of breaks, weekends, and after-hours to start sorting and packaging articles. If you move from a rented house to another rented house, the security month you are entitled to on the property you are about to abandon can be immensely useful in this regard.

Start by thoroughly cleaning  the new house, as well as checking the need for painting  and minor repairs. Then, carry small items at a time – namely things you don’t need daily, out of season clothing, books and records, pictures and bibelots – leaving heavy furniture for the day of the “big change”. The advantage of this dropper change is that it can be arranged in divisions or tidying up items as you load, especially in the kitchen, where there is already furniture, or in the pantry.

Mistake no. 2: Wanting to do everything yourself

As much as I can carry half a dozen boxes or bags, the truth is that making a move yourself is very hard physically. Invite friends and family to help you, with the promise of a snack at the end, for example. If anyone has a way with Handyman services better, as there are always toilet curtains and lamps to hang. When hiring movers in Dubai, take the time to research the best quality / price ratio, and don’t forget to ask for insurance for your goods.

Mistake no. 3: Wanting to take everything

New house, new stuff. It’s not quite like that, but almost. This is the ideal time to sort your belongings, to analyze what you should throw in the trash, donate, lend or sell. There is always that rule of “it hasn’t been missed in the last 12 years, so it’s time to throw it away”. Think about whether it really pays to clean, pack, load, and restore each item on your list.

When packing objects in boxes, place the heaviest ones in smaller volumes and the lightest ones in larger containers. Tag each box and place the most used items on top, to avoid walking around 3 am looking for the box where your child’s favorite stuffed animal is.

Mistake no. 4: Not preparing Survival kit

Make a survival kit, with daily basics in order to survive for the first time in the new house even if you have not yet arranged too many items in their proper places. It could be the same kit he brought from the old house when he had almost nothing left there except a pair of cutlery and a toothbrush.

Mistake no. 5: Wanting to postpone bureaucracy

Once you have the new home contract in hand, go to the water, gas, and electricity services to terminate/make contracts, schedule both inspections and the start of service provision. Also schedule the transfer of multimedia communications services, in order to continue watching your favorite series without pause. Update your address on the Citizen Card, at your bank, at your employer, at your children’s school, at the gym, and at anybody that may send you correspondence. You can always guarantee that no letter goes astray by using the temporary service of the CCT for Resending Correspondence.

9 fun facts about moving house or moving home

  • 11 to 12 times. This is the average that a person changes their home throughout their lives.
  • Moving house is one of the most stressful events, behind only death and divorce.
  • Short-term removals are usually due to the demand for a better home; long-distance, are motivated by professional issues.
  • The average weight carried in a change is 3.3 tons.
  • The most popular day to make a change is Friday; the least is Sunday
  • The most popular month is August; the least in February.
  • Families between 25 – 44 years old and with 1 or 2 children are the ones who move the most.
  • 1 in 6 people change their homes every year.
  • 35% of people move in the summer; 28% in spring; 21% in autumn and 14% in winter.

Reasons for moving house:

  • 1st Professional Reasons
  • 2nd Best House
  • 3rd Best Neighborhood
  • 4th Cheapest House
  • 5th Renovation

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