Is carpet a thing of the past?

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Carpeting used to be the pinnacle of luxury, a beautiful floor covering reserved for the affluent and privileged. The world has altered drastically. Many individuals don’t consider carpeting for their flooring needs because of the current trend toward hardwood floors and the need for low-maintenance surfaces. Whether or not carpeting is a thing of the past is a matter of personal opinion.

Carpeting that ran the length of a room used to be the norm in London houses. Carpet sales have been declining since the 1970s. It currently accounts for roughly 1/3 of total sales, down from 60% previously. It’s still popular in many bedrooms, but it’s been phased out of other sections of the house. Carpet is being phased out of workplaces in favor of hardwood and tile.


Like me, if you’re in your mid-30s or older, you undoubtedly grew up on wall-to-wall carpeting. At home, everyone I knew had carpet.

Perhaps we’d all grown tired of it the difficult to clean carpeting fibers than wooden floors.

By the noughties, television property shows were advising us to pull up carpets and get out the sander. If you bought a home with carpet, you were hoping to find hidden riches beneath the floorboards.

Carpets were out of style and difficult to maintain because of the carpet cleaning but now we have excellent carpet steam cleaning machines which can leave you carpets after brand new. They weren’t featured in any fancy home publications. On Grand Designs, no one ever installs carpet.

But first, let’s take a look at what’s going on right now. It’s possible that the tide is turning.

The drop-in carpets sales can be attributed to a number of factors. The following are the most important reasons:

• During its prime, carpeting was overused.

• It needs more attention and upkeep than tile, vinyl, or hardwood.

• It traps dirt and allergies better than other flooring kinds.

• Millennials, in particular, associate the material with the “working class.”

• Carpeting must be changed completely on a regular basis.

• People are working longer hours and are unable to clean.

Carpeting is making a comeback in some circles

Instead of laying down tiles or flooring and then layering slip-resistant area rugs on top, more people are reverting to carpeting. Carpeting now comes in a variety of different colors, designs, and patterns to complement any decor. It’s a soft surface for kids to play on, and it’s warmer than other flooring options, making it appealing to elders.

There’s good news for people who still like the lovely feel of carpeting under their feet and value its insulating properties: the carpeting of the future is already here. It’s completely hypoallergenic and actively works to eliminate smells in the home. Spills have less of an impact since the carpet fibers do not absorb wet, and it is 100 percent recyclable.

Carpeting isn’t going away anytime soon. Millions of people continue to buy, install, and enjoy it. While hardwood remains the king of flooring, carpet manufacturers are making strenuous efforts to improve carpeting in novel ways. For décor and flooring demands that are only a few steps away from whole-room carpeting, a growing number of consumers are turning to huge living room rugs.

Trends in carpeting may already be on the rise: Open-door, a real estate business, installed over one million yards (984,718 yards) of carpeting in the properties it buys and sells in 2019. According to House, 17 percent of remodeling homes bought carpeting in 2018. Furthermore, half of the respondents purchased indoor rugs, which may be read as an indication that consumers are increasingly understanding the limitations of hardwood floors. They want something softer, possibly carpeting, to assist absorb sound.


You could be seeing carpet more and more as time goes on. I’ve seen it in publications, particularly in bedrooms, in design shoots, and in the homes they showcase.

There’s a lot to be said for comfort in these trying times. Sleek and simple design no longer seems to have the universal appeal it once had.

It might also be the reason why wallpaper is making a major comeback. We’re moving away from sleek and toward pattern and individuality. If you’re thinking about wallpaper, have a look at my piece on three current wallpaper trends.


There are five major reasons why I chose carpet over a hardwood floor in my loft conversion bedroom.

Sure, carpeting is difficult to keep clean (this carpet cleaner solution could help), but once you realize that the wall-to-wall carpeting appearance isn’t as antiquated as you would think, carpets can be very appealing. Carpet can be fashionable, according to Beatrice de Jong, a consumer trends analyst at Open-door. “In an unexpected way, carpet may offer a subtle texture or a dramatic pattern to a room,” she explains.

The carpet is also more family-friendly. It provides a softer surface for children to play on and is gentler on adults’ knees when interacting with children or dogs that are low to the ground.

1. Comfort – it’s incredibly soft underfoot, especially when worn barefoot.

2. Acoustics – who wants to be in a space that reverberates? Rugs are helpful, but a carpet goes that extra mile.

3. Sound insulation for the rooms below – the carpet muffles every footfall for the rooms below.

4. Visual appeal – the carpet adds a splash of color and the velvet texture adds a luxurious touch.

5. Budget – opulent-looking hardwood flooring is pricey. Then there’s installation, which is more expensive than carpet installation, and I’d want rugs to soften the look.

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