Top 10 Improved Features of QuickBooks Enterprise 21.0

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QuickBooks is one of the most popular software in the market right now. It is a retail management application that helps business owners to manage their job very efficiently. The small and big business firms use the software to track their transactions and keep the record at the reach.

The recent version of QuickBooks 2021 is an advanced version of the previously available application. It helps the user to save time and increase productivity. The newest version also improved creating categorized receipt expenses, improved the bank feeds, automatically sending the bank statements, improved version of QuickBooks Tool Hub, etc.

This blog is solely dedicated to the QuickBooks Enterprise 2021 manufacturing edition. Version 21.0 is filled with incredible features. It is like a helping hand to the small and medium enterprises to improve the function and flexibility.

Therefore, if you are a QuickBooks user and want to upgrade the software to the latest one, or if you want to get a new subscription, then you have landed on the correct article.

There are many features in the latest QuickBooks version 21.0, but we will highlight only the top 10 of them. So without stretching the introduction any further let us just directly start our countdown.

10. Streamlined Bank Feeds

This latest feature of QuickBooks helps the user to save their time from entering the banking transaction every month. The feature allows the user to automatically categorise the bank transactions along with the details, batch editing, enhanced rule, and improved matching.


  • The user can easily and quickly resolve the transaction discrepancies.
  • You can also improve the data integrity without getting into many matching and manual entries.
  • The amazing feature also allows importing the bank feeds faster by automatically categorizing the bank transactions by classes, payees, and accounts.
  • Using the feature the user can gain great efficiency and flexibility with rules that help you to quickly search and define the criteria.

9. Rule-Based Customer Groups

The feature of rule-based customer groups is based on the customer type, status, balance, and location. It also allows you to manage the data and use them across multiple features.


  • The feature allows getting a better insight into the customer type, status, balance, location, etc.
  • Remove or add the customer from the group-based. In this way, the feature assists you to increase customer insights, communication, and customer management.
  • It also helps to stay organized by creating customer groups that help to manage it in a better way.

8. Automated Receipt Management

Business owners have to spend lots of time arranging and segregating the receipts manually. This feature helps the user to do so very effectively. Using QuickBooks desktop Mobile software, the user can capture the receipt data, review, import, photograph, etc.


  • The software saves the digital copies of the receipt on the user’s devices.
  • Users and employees can immediately take the image using the mobile application.
  • Forget about the manual data entry. To edit the batch or automatically categorize the bank feeds, you can use the feature.
  • A precise record of multiple transaction records.
  • The user can also categorise the transactional data.
  • You can also review the process very easily.
  • The feature will save you some time from reviewing the transactional data.

7. Automated Payment Reminders

The automated payment reminders help the user to overdue the balances automatically. It helps the software to tailor the customer needs and send statement emails. The statement helps the customers to pay through an online payment.


  • It reminds the customers to pay for the products they owe.
  • It also saves time and assists the user to follow up with the late-payers.
  • The feature also allows customizing the reminders for some customers to keep the business relationship healthy.
  • You can also get paid on time without constantly keeping the time record.
  • The user can also recur the statements automatically for different groups according to the tendencies and needs.

6. Payroll Liability Reminders

The owners of small and big businesses can also set up notices that help them to remind them of payroll tax and liability payments.


  • Using the software, the user can track the transaction and liabilities timing.
  • You can also track the deadlines of the liabilities and get timely reminders.
  • The feature also notifies the users on the laptop and the mobiles.
quickbooks 2021

5. Advanced Inventory Improvement

The new version of 2021 allows the business owners to manage the warehouse inventory in the QuickBooks Desktop. The features are improvement in the barcode label prices, improved data level permissions, alternate vendors reports, improve landed cost calculations, and many more.


  • The feature helps to improve confidentiality and security by restricting the user’s access to the reports, transactions, and specific data.
  • It also allowed the productivity of the work by increasing the delegate user permissions.
  • You can also customize the view of the access to delete, edit, or view to some selective customers and vendors.
  • It has also improved the shopping experience of the employees and customers by providing the pricing information on the inventory product.
  • The feature also saves time by avoiding workarounds.
  • It increases the visibility of the vendors by listing the key inventory reports.
  • Calculate the cost of the old products from the accounting times.
  • It is also flexible by setting up the landed costs as “Other current assets” or “COGS.”

4. Customize the Payment Receipts

Using the feature, the small and big business owners will be able to attain a professional look at the customer’s communications.


  • The feature helps the user to customize the account in a much professional way which helps to keep all the records at reach.
  • You can also set the template of the payment to the default settings and override it in the customer payments display.
  • Use the customisation feature for the existing customization capabilities.

3. Setup and Reuse the Email Templates

Using this feature, you can reuse and create various templates for the emails.


  • Improve the relationship with your customer by communicating with accuracy and confident emails.
  • You can also store, save, and recall the templates for reuse.

2. Automatic Merchant Services Payment Reconciliation

Version 21.0 assists the user to improve the workflow of the QuickBooks Payments using the merchant of the QuickBooks Desktop. The software helps to manage all the transactions accurately with no work.


  • The news version helps to reconcile the majority of the payments automatically.
  • It also manages the transaction that needs prior attention.
  • You can easily reconcile efficiently with a single click.

1. QuickBooks Tool Hub

The QuickBooks Tool Hub is one of the most efficient ways to resolve any QuickBooks errors. It is a whole package that has all related QuickBooks tools including the File Doctor, PDF repair tool, etc. The software really has made the user life easy and saved them from downloading each of the tools separately whenever facing an issue.


  • It allows the user to fix almost all QuickBooks related issues.
  • The Tool Hub also helps to resolve the problem with just one click.
  • Users can get and access required tools in one place.

Below are the steps how you can get the application in your system:

QuickBooks Tool Hub Download-

  1. First of all, move to the official website of Intuit and get the software.
  2. Then save the file to the favourable location.
  3. Click on the downloaded file QuickBooksToolHub.exe and begin the installation method.

Follow the step to Install QuickBooks Tool Hub:

  1. Hit the Next choice.
  2. Accept the “agree to Intuit’s license agreement.”
  3. Tap on the affirmative option, Yes.
  4. After following the upper steps, tap on the Install choice.
  5. Now to complete the method click on the Finish button.
  6. Open the QuickBooks Tool Hub.

Bonus Point: Barcode Label Prices

The new feature in the QuickBooks version 21.0 has the barcode label prices. The feature assists the user to label the price tag effortlessly. With the help of the barcode label, it becomes easier to use it, locate the product and also effectively manage. The barcode level provides you with information about the product type like the item’s name, description, and current price. However, if there are any changes in the price then the user can also easily update the new price tag using the feature barcode label.

Final Note!

The new version of the QuickBooks Enterprise 21.0 is an improved version of the previous application. Intuit has always been very attentive towards the criticism of the users and constantly trying to make the software better than before. Due to the same reason, QuickBooks is able to sustain itself in the top list of retail managing applications. The new version 21.0 will definitely allow you to increase your efficiency and ease.

Hopefully, the blog helped you to gain enough knowledge about the latest version. If you still have some confusion, feel free to contact the support team of the Intuit QuickBooks. You can access the helpline number from the official website. Share your thoughts regarding the article in the comment section below.

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