how to stretch tight jeans

How to stretch tight jeans at home

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This happens usually, because the sizes these brands offer are usually different from one another. That is why, I used to usually end up with wrong sizes. But not now. 

Now one thing I care about is that my jeans should not be improper in length. Though there are ways to manage the length as well, but what changes every week in my body is my waist. 

I am a foodie and I won’t hide it from you. And this is a problem with me, like many others. I become uncontrollable when I see my favorite food. And what I get as the result is usually the spread waist. Slight ups and downs in inches of waist is okay (for me), until it becomes a real pain for me, wearing jeans. As all my jeans suddenly become very fit and in that case, what should I do? 

Or there can also be this case: You have a very good quality denim that you purchased but it is some inches (like 2-3 inches) fit. So you are wondering how to stretch tight jeans at home?

Before going into stretching jeans, I would recommend you to choose the type of jeans that suits you the best. Yeah yeah I know those confused terms..leave this. Read this Beginners guide to Major Jean type and Styles

Let’s get back to what we were discussing. 

Here are some of the very easy and in-home things that you can do to stretch your jeans and prevent yourself from losing that best pair of jeans, as well as continue that stylish vibe of yours. 

Things you can do to stretch your jeans at home: 

1- Take some water and pour it over the waist of your jeans.

2- After doing this, wear your wet jeans and then do some exercise while keeping those jeans on. 

3- Do some basic legs exercise and squats. You can do any, only what you need to keep in mind is that it should involve your thighs and waist muscles movement.

Do this and you will feel your denim loose. 

If this doesn’t work:

Even if this doesn’t work, you can go for another option. (Let’s be a bit extremist here). Instead of pouring the water, let’s pour the boiled warm water. If you remember those science classes, high temperatures loosen the fabrics of jeans and then you can wear them and do the same exercise, or hang them on a hanger for a day. You will get it stretched. 

Even, if this doesn’t work or not possible for you: You can go for another option as well. Wash your jeans with warm water and leave it to dry under the sun. 

Waistband stretcher 

Now, still not satisfied? Do this: Buy a Waistband Stretcher for you. You can have it for small bucks and it will solve all your problems. It is a small apparatus by which you can spread the waist up to 5 inches.

So, what are you waiting for?…What? You have Big belly and Skinny legs and these fitting issues have become a normal thing for you? Aww.. Don’t need to worry. I am putting this Collection of best Jeans for Big Belly and Skinny Legs here. 

You can check it out and select the ones that, I bet you, won’t require any stretching at all. 

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