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How to Configure Find My Mobile on Samsung Galaxy S20?

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When you purchase a new mobile or gadget, one of the biggest worries is losing the phone. Not only that will be a big loss money wise, but also put all your important data on your device at risk.

But now you don’t have to worry about losing your Samsung Galaxy S20 as the device is enabled with Samsung’s Find My Mobile service. In this article we are going to walk you through steps on how to avail the service, the requirements for using this feature, and lastly the various benefits of Find My Mobile.

Why is Find My Mobile set up necessary?

One might wonder what are the benefits of activating Find My Mobile on their Galaxy S20 or other Samsung phones.

Here are the benefits of registering for this service:

  • As apart from the name this service allows you to track your Samsung Galaxy S20 to its exact geographical location.
  • The feature also allows you to lock your lost device that will prevent any sharing of your personal data.
  • You also get to backup all the data from your lost device before someone deletes it.
  • You can also Unlock your device if you have forgotten your Password or PIN.

Steps to Register on Find My Mobile:

  1. To get started on activating the Find My Mobile service, you must be logged into your Samsung Account on your Galaxy S20.
  2. Log in by selecting Settings and then clicking on Accounts. Now select the Add Account option and pick the Samsung Account option. Now enter the required details to log into your Samsung Account on your Samsung Galaxy S20.
  3. After you have logged in to your Samsung Account go to your home screen and select Settings again.
  4. Under Settings select Biometrics and Security. Now click on the Find My Mobile tab.
  5. Toggle the feature to On. now you will be asked to log into your Samsung Account to confirm and activate different features available under this service.
  6. You can now select the variety of options presented to you to which include Remote Unlock and Send Last Location.

Requirements for locating your Phone after registering:

Once you have registered and activated the Find My Mobile feature on your Samsung Galaxy S20, there are a few other requirements needed for the service to run properly. You just need to enable the following features to be able to use the service:

  1. The first requirement without a doubt is to activate the Find My Mobile function on your Samsung Galaxy S20 or any Samsung phone for that matter.
  2. The next requirement needed for availing the service is enabling the Remote Controls on your device.
  3. Another important requirement for utilizing the Find My Mobile feature is to enable the Location of your phone.
  4. The last feature required for this feature to work is a working Network Connection.

How to use Find My Mobile service to Locate and Manage your Samsung Galaxy S20?

Now that you have activated the Find My Mobile feature, let us find how you can use this service to locate your phone in case you lost or misplaced your Galaxy S20.

  1. Go to from any web browser.
  2. On the website you will be prompted to log into your Samsung Account that is also active on your Samsung Galaxy S20.
  3. If you have activated the Find My Mobile service you will be able to see the device details easily.
  4. The location of your Galaxy S20 will be shown on a map once the server has tracked the device.
  5. Now you can not just see your location but you can also view the battery life and network connectivity. 
  6. Even if the phone’s battery has died, you will still get a notification with the location of your Galaxy S20 when the battery life came below 20 percent of the battery capacity.
  7. If your device is near you you can even Ring your Samsung Galaxy S20 through Find My Mobile. Your phone will ring at its maximum volume even if the phone is set on a vibrate or mute mode.
  8. If you are worried about a stranger accessing your important data you can even lock or unlock your Galaxy S20. By activating this you can lock the Screen, the Power Button of your device along with locking Samsung Pay.
  9. You also have the option to display a message on your phone screen giving the finder of your Samsung Galaxy S20 a medium to reach you. This message will include a message of your choice along with a phone number.
  10. You can also backup all the important data on your Galaxy S20 by using this service. By using this feature you can backup data from your device to your Samsung Cloud. You also can now erase the data from your Samsung device.


One important tip that we would like to give all our readers is to log into your Samsung Account and track your Galaxy S20 as soon as you lose it. The more time you waste in tracking the device the more difficult it would become your device.

So these are the complete steps on How to Configure Find My Mobile on Samsung Galaxy S20. As we mentioned earlier the steps are quite simple but the necessity of these is indispensable.

We hope that you make use of this service on your Samsung Galaxy S20 and other Samsung devices.

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