how to calm a crying baby

How to calm a crying baby?

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Bob Hamilton a pediatrician, has been suggesting a magical way on how to calm a crying baby for about 30 years. One of the great joys in his life is been able to care for literally thousands of newborn children.

One of the challenges that pediatricians have in taking care of children is trying to communicate clear and precise information to their parents.

A lot of times he receives complaint over a baby who would be crying very loud and he utilizes a technique that he called “the hold” over the years which is very helpful in calming children and keeping them quiet.

So today I like to show you how he does that, this is simple hold I think you will understand the trick.

A crying baby who just got a shot, pick him up and fold his right arm and then his left arm in front and then very gently hold his arms with one of your hand palm and hold his little bottom with the other and gently rock him up and down and even though he just got a shot but you can comfort him and quiet him.

Gently shake him back and forth and rock him up and down very gently sometimes stir him to the left and serve him to the right.

Rock him up and down at a 45 degree angle and you will see that he will get comfortable pretty quickly.

Shake his little booty and gently rock him.

Everything you do is very gentle you don’t want to do jerky motions ever you hold the child with the fleshy part of your hands with your fingertips and supporting his chin.

Baby might be lifting his head up which is why you hold him at a 45 degree angle you never want to put him like straight ninety degrees because they can throw their head back and you can lose control the baby very quickly.


Recap on how to calm a crying baby

To recap it, remember four points,

  1. you fold the arms across the chest
  2. you secure the arms after they’re folded number
  3. gently grab the diaper area with your dominant hand and then
  4. at a 45-degree angle you gently rock the baby up and down you can shake their booty and generally by doing this the child will quiet down

Finally, if your baby does not quiet down think about two things; maybe your baby is not feeling well they are ill or number two maybe your baby is hungry.

“The hold” is very helpful for the first two to three months of age after that your baby becomes too heavy and it is very difficult to hold a baby at that point.

So hopefully this is helpful to you, thank you for your attention. My best wishes to you and your family.

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