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Value of Finding a Mentor in the Workplace 101

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Choosing a career path and moving towards your determined goal can be both exciting and challenging. To reach the position that can define you proudly to the entire world comes along with challenges that can be difficult to handle without any support or help. To succeed in the corporate world, you must be finding a mentor for yourself.

Who is a mentor?

A mentor can be colleague, instructor or a friend who guides you with his experience in the field that you are naïve in. A mentor promises to hold your hand and nurture your career with his experience and knowledge. The relationship between an experienced person and an unexperienced person is called mentorship.

How to seek out a mentor?

Seeking out a mentor in your career life is important. You can look out for a mentor in your supervisor, as he or she is more experienced and knows what they are responsible for. Having your supervisor as a mentor would be beneficial because they are already working in the same niche and have already been seeking what you ought to.

Finding a mentor is not an imposed process. You need to find someone who is in the same field as yours. Find someone whom you admire and respect. According to several surveys, 61% of the university students have stated that their relationship with a mentor developed naturally. Thus, in order to find the inspiring mentor, feel free to let the relationship build itself. In other cases, you may have to approach your mentor and seek their advice throughout your career life.

On the other hand, it isn’t important that your mentor must be your supervisor or a senior only. You can find your mentor in your colleagues or friends, who are going through the same journey and are more experienced than you are. They can motivate you with their current experiences, and there won’t be a formal hesitation in your relationship as well.

For many, it has been convenient finding a mentor at their own jobs. As they are in their workplace for the most of the time, they can easily reach out to their mentor who is in the same field. Majority has found their mentor in their managers.

Mentorship – Leadership

A mentor is a leader who sets an example for the mentee and shows him how to grow himself and his business. It is important to have leaders right beside you, as they can clearly help you through the hurdles and push the boundaries ahead. They can make way for you, show you their creative side and encourage you to confident and bold.

What does a mentor do?

A sincere mentor will have a clear line of communication with the mentee and build a comfortable environment where the mentee can share their fears and loop holes. Having a mentor in the same organization where you work, cannot only benefit you the most, but it can also benefit the organization as well. For instance, having a mentor in an organization where you deal with leather apparels can help you sort out your concerns and problems when it comes to decide the keywords for SEO effective blogs. Such as, whilst drafting a blog for jacket, green jacket and aviator jacket can help you rank better. Thus, a mentor holds better experience and knows better.

A mentor can help you sort out your career life by directing you to the right path of success. With his or her experience in the same field as yours, he can assist you through your career problems and lead you towards your objective. He can provide you with a clear perspective that may help you looking at the problems in a new way. You can share your ideas with your mentor and expect a sincere advice that will not only solve your career problems, but will also help you build your character as well.

Your mentor is not only someone with whom you can share your problems or take advices, he or she can also assist you in making decisions and suggesting alternatives that may affect your career life. The ultimate goal of a mentor is to assist you through your career life and motivate you.

Benefits to the mentee

Having a mentor in your career life can add value to your profession and life. Below are a few benefits that the mentee will experience with a mentor at their workplace:

1- You can gain self-confidence. This will make you take a stand amongst other colleagues and share your ideas with determination, as those ideas are supported and appreciated by your mentor.

2- You can gain self-awareness. Having a mentor will enhance self-awareness in you, as you will be with an experienced person from the same field.

3- You can gain aspiration. Working with your mentor and being supported constantly, will make you feel motivated towards the goal that you desire to achieve.

Benefits to the mentor

1- You can gain self-confidence. Helping out your mentee and sharing your experience will make you confident.

2- You can improve communication skills. Mentoring your colleagues at work will definitely improve your communication skills and make you deliver your thoughts effectively.

3- You will have fulfilment of work. Having your mentee in the same organization can get work done faster. He or she will be motivated to achieve their milestones, thus, there will be motivation to work.


Mentorship is effective and necessary in your career life. Finding a mentor and having an experienced person beside you, who can guide and assist you throughout your problems and decision making, cannot only help you out but it will also build your character. You can feel protected and supported whilst making every decision. If you are finding a mentor, start seeking him or her right away.

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