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5 Easy Ways to Clean Your Frameless Shower Enclosure in 2022

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There are many remarkable advantages of frameless shower inclusions for your bathroom. Not only do they look incredible, but they also have unique metal components, so they are less liable to rust or crack and come in a wide variety of structures and door styles. Because of their simplicity in look and design, frameless shower doors are also much merciful to keep neat.

With a delicate modern look and easy to wipe the surface, a frameless shower enclosure provides your bathroom a bright, airy, and relaxed feel.

You can go for several tips or mix and match.  Yet, the best suggestion for maintaining your shower door glass clean (and utilizing the limited amount of chemicals to do so) is to take a minute or two after each use and gently clean the glass down.  This is very helpful to keep your cleaning to the least and have spotless shower door glass!!!

Why Does Shower Glass Get Dirty?

Hard water has a high level of minerals such as calcium and magnesium carbonates that rise when water comes in contact with limestone or chalk residues. When the hard water combines with your soap, it can leave marks on your door glass called soap scum.

Soap scum can be nasty to the glass and affects your bathroom’s aesthetic. Glass is absorbent, enabling those hard water minerals to soak into the glass over time and result in corrosion. Keeping it clean is the best way to avoid any long-lasting or hard-to-remove water stains.

Here we look at the five simple ways to clean your frameless shower enclosure.

1- Try a Magic Eraser

No, it’s not a unique magical product of stationary. A magic eraser is a unique kind of sponge that has a certain adequate thickness to buff away soap scum and dirt buildup smoothly. Magic erasers require no chemicals or cleaning mixture to work and are very helpful at wiping soap scum and even mineral buildup.

Magic erasers are excellent for less often cleaning jobs or for your casual deep cleans. Because magic erasers need a little scrubbing and effort, they aren’t the simplest solution. But for the result you obtain, they are reasonably worth the effort you put in.

2- Keep Your Bathroom Ventilated

Because the style of a frameless glass shower door is typically more straightforward than conventional shower enclosures, there are fewer cavities and corners in which mold can grow. However, there is no means to prevent the development of mold and mildew in the shower area if your bathroom has poor ventilation.

Therefore, make sure your bathroom has a proper ventilation system. Another alternative for maintaining the bathroom mold and mildew free is to install an exhaust fan. Just act with your contractor to secure that it’s an adequate size.

3- Choose a Squeegee, Sponge or, Towel for Daily Wipe Down

One of the easiest ways to keep your shower door clean is to squeegee at the end of every use. While it might look like a lot of effort to do initially, moving the squeegee over the glass typically only takes a few seconds and can restrain soap scum and water droplet spot buildup instantly.

Keep a squeegee in your shower and turn it into a regular practice to wipe down the west side of your glass shower door after every shower. This makes it manageable to wipe your glass shower doors from week to week and ensure it always looks neat.

4- Cleaning Spray

Cleaning your frameless glass shower door with cleaning spray in a short while is the best way to maintain them spotless. Windex is a famous and time-tested option to keep glass clean and streak-free.

There are various other commercial shower and glass cleaners that you can utilize and more organic solutions like vinegar or baking soda. Speak to your shower door installation company to know which shower cleaner is the secure and most helpful for your glass shower enclosure.

5- Lemon and water

Thanks to the exceptionally cleaning properties of citric acid, lemon juice is an excellent choice for cleaning your shower door. Also, it smells fantastic.

Take two to three lemons and squeeze them to obtain the juice. You will require about three tablespoons of it to stir a cup of distilled water.

Pour the solution into a spray bottle, shake it to mix the juices properly, and spray the shower doors. Clean the glass with a dry microfiber fabric after five minutes.


Frameless shower doors offer a unique modern feeling for your bathroom and are quite simple to keep clean. Use these suggestions to keep your glass shower spotless and perfectly clean with comfort and simplicity.

Besides this, if your delicate seamless shower enclosure needs replacement or repair, never go for the ones claiming to be experts. Go for the one who has a good reputation in the market and has several good satisfied reviews from the previous clients. The skilled and expert auto glass replacement companies are hard to find, but it is not impossible, properly do your research and hire the competent one.

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