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BOPP Tape | Features, Types, Application & Usage

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What are BOPP Tapes?

Bi-axially oriented polypropylene or BOPP tapes are used as a packing material. These tapes are made using plastic material and coated with water-based acrylic glue to stick on the material surface. Polypropylene is a kind of thermoplastic polymer that expands when it comes to contact with high temperature but regains its original form & shape when cools off. Such features make it usable for automated & manual applications.

BOPP adhesive packing tapes are widely used in inventory management & shipping industries. It has several other applications in the food packaging industry, such as food labels. This is non-toxic & moisture resistant which doesn’t allow the product inside it to come in contact with oil or water. It has olefinic nature which makes it non-reactive to any kind of chemical component. Thus, it is highly used in the food & pharmaceutical industries. 

What are the features of BOPP tapes?

Due to its variety of features, it is used in several industries. Below we will discuss the features of BOPP tapes.

  • Environment friendly: BOPP packing tapes are environment friendly in such a way that it leaves no toxicity while we use it. The presence of olefinic in its making ensures that any chemical doesn’t meddle with the actual product inside it. It is also recyclable which makes it more friendly to the environment.
  • High-quality texture: The tapes have high glossy nature which makes them water & moisture resistant. They have extreme flatness & also they do not shrink or wrinkle in the first place.
  • Easy to use: The tapes have good dimensional stability & high clarity that makes them easy to use on the material surface. It is also durable & sturdy that makes them last longer than other tapes.
  • Customizable: You can customize the tapes according to your needs. Such as, it is available in different colors, sizes & for personal and company branding.
  • Temperature resistant: The tape expands when it comes closer to a higher temperature for user-friendly nature, but it shrinks down & gets its normal form as soon as it cools down.

What are the types of BOPP tapes?

There are varieties of BOPP packing tapes options available in the market. But in this article, we will discuss the most popular ones.

  • Transparent tapes: The most popular ones are the transparent ones. These kinds of BOPP tapes are used where you need a little extra care with the packaging. Thus, it is widely used in the shipping industry for this nature. As, when it comes to delivering fragile items, it is important to make the special packaging instruction visible so that it can be handled with care & in a rightful manner.
  • Colored tapes: The next popular ones are colored BOPP adhesive packing tapes. These kinds of tapes are used for identifying different products as per their variants so that it becomes easier to handle fragile or perishable goods. Among all other colored BOPP tapes, brown is the most popular one & commonly available. Other than that, there is plenty of varieties of color, such as, white, purple, yellow, pink, black, blue & red. This kind is quite handy if we see it from the inventory point of view.
  • Customized tapes: In this category, various types are available according to your need. You can print brand logos just like eCommerce giant Amazon, Flipkart, etc. for brand awareness. Or you can print the handle with care instruction in case of fragile items inside, or any kind of message that you want to put in with your desired color choices.

How to apply BOPP tapes?

BOPP tapes are easy to use, but if you are looking for some guidance, go through the below points.

  • Before you try to stick the tape into the material surface, make sure you clean it so that any rough surface doesn’t occur due to any dust particle.
  • Next, you need to take the tape & press it firmly so that it sticks to the place well.
  • You can even use a tape dispenser for a firm application.
  • Before applying the tape to your product, make sure the width matches the size of the package.
  • Always store the tape in a cool condition or at a normal temperature as hotter temperature reduces the adhesive capacity.
  • You have to choose the right micron tape that serves your purpose; in that case, you have to consider the thickness of the box.
  • Do not over-fill, i.e., repeated application or under-fill the package.

What are the usage of BOPP Tapes?

BOPP tapes have various usages in the shipping industry, such as, people would not like to receive broken fragile items after spending their money. You can even put your brand’s name on the surface of tape; this will be a very good brand awareness program without much hassle. The tape can be identified in various names, such as pressure-sensitive tape, box sealing tape, parcel tap, etc.

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